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So here is August. A wonderful month for San Francisco as usual, with the sun making more appearances through the fog. We hope everyone has been enjoying our food and experiencing great customer service, two of our top priorities. Please remember we are here for you. If you'd like, call and chat with our intern Shannon Powers, she is more than happy to answer your questions or discuss your thoughts about Blossom. Some updates: We have decided to keep 3-Packs and Larger Portion items off the menu indefinitely. Single item dishes seem to be more convenient for everyone. Secondly, the weather. The summer heat has definitely been a challenge for Blossom-- the heat waves were hard to combat despite how much additional dry ice and ice packs we added. Thank you for your patience and please remember we offer re-shipments or refunds if your package ever arrives at room temperature or above. We are all looking forward to the beginning of Fall and the weather cooling off. Lastly, we're trying something new, an item of the month where we feature a staff favorite and all of it's nutritional benefits. This month it's our roasted beets-- Not only are they simply delicious, but they are one of the healthiest vegetables out there! With high levels of betaine(a nutrient vital to cardiovascular health), vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and more, this veggie is sure to provide a boost of energy that we all could use, am I right? All this talk of nutrients and food is making me hungry. Enjoy your day everyone, Shannon (the intern).
-- Sue Adams, Founder, CEO

Welcome to Blossom Foods!
Founded in 2006 by Speech Pathologist Sue Adams, Blossom Foods invites you to bring back the pleasure in eating meals for those with swallowing difficulties. We believe the enjoyment and taste of meals should continue to be enjoyed, regardless of the texture. Dining with continued dignity is our top priority. Blossom Foods understands the need to remain independent when it comes to where, when and what to eat at mealtime. We are the premier food company specializing in hand crafted, gourmet, all natural frozen meals in both pureed and ground textures. From grinding our own meat, to locally sourcing produce, we are committed to great tasting meals.

SHIPPING TO INDIVIDUALS: Direct to your door, nationwide. No account needed, we package each of our frozen meals in custom coolers with both dry ice (will dissipate before arrival) and 4 pound gel pack. You simply return the meals to the freezer until you are ready to heat and eat (conventional or microwave oven).

INSTITUTIONAL CUSTOMERS: We offer menu items in your choice of pureed, ground, or mechanical soft texture. Our packaging is flexible and packaged in bulk serving bags up to 5 pounds, individual servings, and 3 pack complete meals. These can be heated in steam, conventional ovens, or microwave. Call to set up your tasting and Institutional Pricing.

Please feel free to contact us with comments or questions regarding our products, diet levels, or your suggestions for new Blossom Foods menu choices!

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