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Blossom Updates!
Hello! As you may have read, we are planning our launch of the new, renovated website. Although this was planned to happen in late July, we have had some snags in the design so thank you for your patience! Please expect to see the new website along with the return of the three-compartment tray meals sometime within the next few weeks (Mid August). For a quick recap: We are going to be removing our single-item cups, in favor of the complete 3-compartment tray meals when our new website launches in August. We are also awaiting an order of new Blossom Foods boxes which you will see when you order the three-pack meals in the future. They have our logo printed on them- exciting! The boxes and website are both fun updates to feature a more visual and "pretty" look (as Shannon calls it!). We hope you all will like it. Please let us know your thoughts on all of this, we love to hear from you. Best, Shannon
-- Sue Adams, Founder, CEO

Welcome to Blossom Foods!
Founded in 2006 by Speech Pathologist Sue Adams, Blossom Foods invites you to bring back the pleasure in eating meals for those with swallowing difficulties. We believe the enjoyment and taste of meals should continue to be enjoyed, regardless of the texture. Dining with continued dignity is our top priority. Blossom Foods understands the need to remain independent when it comes to where, when and what to eat at mealtime. We are the premier food company specializing in hand crafted, gourmet, all natural frozen meals in both pureed and ground textures. From grinding our own meat, to locally sourcing produce, we are committed to great tasting meals.

SHIPPING TO INDIVIDUALS: Direct to your door, nationwide. No account needed, we package each of our frozen meals in custom coolers with both dry ice (will dissipate before arrival) and 4 pound gel pack. You simply return the meals to the freezer until you are ready to heat and eat (conventional or microwave oven).

INSTITUTIONAL CUSTOMERS: We offer menu items in your choice of pureed, ground, or mechanical soft texture. Our packaging is flexible and packaged in bulk serving bags up to 5 pounds, individual servings, and 3 pack complete meals. These can be heated in steam, conventional ovens, or microwave. Call to set up your tasting and Institutional Pricing.

Please feel free to contact us with comments or questions regarding our products, diet levels, or your suggestions for new Blossom Foods menu choices!

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