Puree Menu Choices

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.02.31 AMBlossom Foods offers consumers pureed meals that can be heated and ready to serve in minutes, reducing time and waste, and adding back flavor! Our institutional customers are able to order Puree, Ground, and Soft Chop/Mechanical Soft textures. Please refer to the institution tab on top of our page. Our Pureed Sampler Pack is just that: a mix of our eight (8) most popular items. Our Complete Pureed Meals are seasonal favorites and may not always available for the home consumer. Check back often to see what we are currently offering. We work hard to keep our complete, puree meals in stock and ready to ship. They are set meals based on customer and institution feedback. We do change our menus to provide variety throughout the year. The changes highlight what is in season, new recipes, and the return of favorite puree items of the past. Please also visit our FAQ page. This will help answer many questions: how much will be eaten at each meal, and what the options are, expense, what can I do on my own.        

Published: 02/16/2015 12:43 PM