Q&A For Health Care

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Are you on any distribution trucks?
Yes. We currently are carried by US Foods nationally and Sysco on the East Coast.
Can we get samples?
Yes. Please contact us directly and we are happy to send out samples of items you may have on your menu in any of the textures.
Do you offer meal plans for discharged patients, i.e., continuing care?
We are working diligently to return to direct to consumer. With the cost of shipping using overnight express, dry ice, the cost of our meals became quite expensive. We are working to bring down cost without compromising variety.
Do you provide your meals to hospital or institutions?
Yes, we are proud of the many healthcare facilities that use Blossom Foods as their standard for Level 4 - Pureed, Level 5 - Minced & Moist, and Level 6 - Soft and Bite Sized.
Have you had success helping hospitals and institutions increase state scores?
Yes. We have been very fortunate in California to work with the State on improving scores for meal taste and texture consistency. Our goal again is to not only make meal time better for your staff and patients requiring a puree, ground or chopped texture, it is to improve the menu items offered.
How are you different from your competitors?
We provide Level 4 - pureed, Level 5 - Minced & Moist, Level 6 - Soft and Bite Size, menu items prepared from fresh ingredients. We do not use artificial fillers, preservatives and heavy starch. We have an extensive menu that allows you to more accurately mimic your regular menu. Many meat dishes are gluten free and vegetable dishes are gluten free and vegan. We also offer a Renal line of meals. Packaging is flexible in bulk, individual servings, and complete 3 compartment round trays. We pride ourselves on using natural, fresh, and sustainable ingredients when available.
How do we heat these?
We currently have facilities that microwave, steam and re-therm. Again, each facility is different in how they prepare their items and Blossom Foods works very hard to help make our meal items easy to heat and serve.
How do we order?
Contact Blossom Foods as we are able to answer all your questions regarding our menu and ordering. There is no “hard” sales pitch as we believe our menu choices and flavors speak for themselves. Once a menu has been chosen, a custom order form will be set up and you will simply fill in your needs and send to us. You can also contact your US Foods representative or current distributor and ask that they carry the Blossom Foods items.
How long have you been working with hospitals and institutions?
In 2006, Blossom Foods started as a Pureed (Level 4 - Pureed) food company to provide great tasting meals to those with swallowing difficulties. We began with our first hospital, (Sutter Health-Summit Campus), in 2008 and are very proud they continue to be one of our most loyal and happy customers. In 2009 we introduced ground (now Level 5 Minced & Moist) and soft chop (Level 6 - Bite Size) as additional facilities began to order our meals. In 2018, we transitioned from the National Dysphagia Diet to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative, IDDSI, diet levels. We continue to expand our customer base.
How often do we need to order, and what's the turnaround time?
This will vary on your patient population and census of dysphagia patients. Larger facilites order 2 times a week and some of the smaller providers once a month. Our goal is to have the order to you within 15 days of receiving it (West Coast 7 days).
Is there a minimum order?
This depends on location and where the order is going. Distributors have a case minimum, can be mixed case/variety. Please call us for specifics.
What are my packaging options?
We know from experience that each hospital is different in both their packaging needs and heating needs. Our packaging options include bulk bag, individual servings, complete compartment meals, and menu items ready for a re-therm system.
What certifications do you have, and how does that help us?
We are a nationally recognized Woman Owned Business which may help. We are also a USDA certified kitchen with an Inspector in our building each day. This allows us to run the safest food program available.
What education, training and support do you offer?
We do direct site visits to discuss your needs and help to develop your menu. We offer follow up visits to discuss the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative levels and the testing to assure these levels are accurate. We have many developed training materials we are able to share.
Will you customize to accommodate our menus?
With our extensive menu offered in Level 4 - Pureed, Level 5 - Minced & Moist, and Level 6 - Bite Size/Soft Chop, we believe we have the menu item that most closely mimics your regular patient menu.