Pureed Food

Hello, At a tasting yesterday, 35 people, all in the medical profession, tasted and compared pureed food. Everything from meat to vegetables and then desserts. Our hope was to come up with some "simple" solutions to consistency in the pureed food diet for the home cook. As we tried different blenders, food processors and cutting utensils, it became clear that not just the texture was a factor, but the nutritional value. As each person used or suggested a different cook method, liquid form and recipe, converting the nutritional value calculation was less and less clear. We agreed to continue to work on not only familiar menu's, but cost effective solutions. Pureed food preparation is tedious. It can be wasteful, colorless, tasteless from the amount of liquid one adds, and less nutritional than that of a regular diet (from the amount of watering down required). Pureed food can also be delicious, colorful, and nutritious when done correctly. We will continue to post updates and recommendations as we try and figure it out. It's a discussion we will continue to try and have with retailers as well to get cost effective and great pureed food available to the public. The conversations around the aging population and the number of these adults that will choose to stay in their home or some form of assisted living facility and the care required could become a more urgent topic. Disease progression, fatigue issues, ability to get out independently are just a few issues we know need to be discussed. The importance of a good diet is well known, just not always well executed. In the pureed food world, we will continue to do our best to keep our menu items a good value and available. Sue

Published: 05/05/2016 8:07 AM