Pureed Food Overnight Shipping!!

Hello, Our warm days of summer are upon us! We agree, hard to believe it's June. Our summer pureed food menu is out and thank you for all your suggestions. We are happy to add the Overnight Shipping option to our site. We realize many of you order the pureed meals and need them as soon as we can ship them out and we are working out some of the kinks. What we should have been clear on is our shipping days. We had typically shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays with our two day express. However, the ability to ship overnight will allow us to ship Thursdays going forward, something we did not fully think out with our Federal Express carrier. We apologize to those of you that ordered Wednesday evenings anticipating a Friday delivery. We hope to have this corrected for next weeks shipping, including Thursdays for overnight. If you have any questions on how to place an overnight order, do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy! Sue

Published: 06/03/2016 10:12 AM