Summer Menu

We are beginning to bring back the summer menu of pureed food! Our Barbecue Ribs, Sweet Corn, and Cherry complete meal is just one of the many items you will see in the coming days. Pasta Alfredo, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Barbecue Chicken will also be back. It's a happy time for us to share the summer meals and what's fresh. At a panel discussion last week, the four speakers (3 chefs and myself) touched on the reaction and misconception of Pureed Food and the Puree Diet. Although we were the only company that prepares this type of meal, the other speakers were very supportive in our quest to continue great tasting meals throughout ones life. Pureed food was presented and each of the reputable chefs asked to be part of menu creation, even lending their names to the recipes. It will be extremely humbling to introduce many of the chefs that will help to create our Pureed Food Menu for the fall of 2016! I'm not sure what they/we will come up with but we are excited at the prospect. With so many of our customers relying on our meals, we want to make the choices of your pureed food as vast as you may have in your home. If there's anything on the menu you don't see, please ask. We love what we do and hope to inspire more to become part of the Pureed Food movement! Enjoy, Sue

Published: 06/11/2016 1:43 PM