Hello, We hope you are enjoying the long days of summer. It's such a great time of year. At Blossom Foods, we are loving the warm days. We are also excited about our latest expansion here in our new building. Our addition of 6500' of packaging space is much anticipated! With our growth these past couple years, we are so thankful to be able to increase our production. I try to contain my excitement however, it's not easy as you watch walls go up and equipment come in. Our excitement does not stop in our building as we look forward to working with Walmart. Again, such a great experience in Bentonville, AR. An extremely well put together summit of American Manufacturers that we were lucky to be part of. So grateful Walmart sees the need as we do, to place a puree product line in their stores. We will keep updating our progress and let you know which store/regions we will be in. This will happen around August of 2018 giving us lots of time to get everything in place. If there are stores you shop, please let their management team know you'd like them to carry our meals. This may help our placement! We will be working on our fall meals mid August. Not sure how many new items we will place but there's an internal competition to come up with something completely new and innovative.. Enjoy, Sue

Published: 07/15/2017 7:05 AM