Diet Levels and Summer Menu

Hello, A lot of talk about our new menu items that we should have ready in early July. These include four new Vegan/Vegetarian dishes that are delicious! Tofu w/Rice, Eggplant and Vegetables, Tofu w/Vegetables, and Eggplant Pasta. All very good and seasonal. We are of course bringing back Cheeseburgers and Cheese Pizza. Both very popular last year. A lot of talk and questions about the new International Dysphagia Diet Levels that are being discussed in healthcare and with our customers. Yes, we comply with the diet levels 4, 5, and 6 which are Pureed (4), Minced and Moist (5 or ground), and Soft and Bite Sized (6 and soft chopped). We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about this proposed diet level. We are also very happy to welcome many new customers both individually and institutions. Again, any suggestions on menu items, let us know!! Enjoy, Sue

Published: 06/13/2018 12:11 PM