Christmas and New Years Holidays, Shipping, Meals Only, Additional Textures!

Wow, that time of year, HOLIDAYS and time with friends and family. We love this season. Our shipping for Christmas will end Thursday the 20th. We will be shipping each day the week of December 17th to assure everyone gets their meals. Please order by Monday morning to make sure we get those packages out! If you need any help, feel free to call us so we can do all we can (510-893-3321). We will not be shipping orders the week of December 24-28th. We will resume sending out meals the 2nd of January. The transition to the meals only ordering is now complete as we have been unable to successfully source the individual cups. The good news is we have heard back from our supplier that these cups may return in the spring, allowing us to once again offer the individual options. We are hoping to have the individual cups back in March! Additional meals will begin to be added so that you are able to enjoy a larger selection. We hope to have a menu that consists of not just the 13 current meals but an additional 7 meal choices. Please let us know if there are any items you'd like us to prepare. This could happen in the next 2 weeks so keep checking back. We are also hoping to add additional textures to our ordering of meals to include not only our Puree meals but our ground meals and the chopped meal textures. Please let us know if these textures are important to you and we will do our best to introduce them. Happy Holidays from our entire team at Blossom Foods! Enjoy, Sue A quick and wonderful email we received! Please let us know how we are doing as the entire team is extremely vested in our customers enjoyment at mealtime!! Thank you! You have made this often unbearable situation for people BEARABLE and a PLEASURE! We are also recommending your company to others with swallowing problems. S.

Published: 11/16/2018 5:32 AM