What's New?!

Happy February! This month we see the return of the individual servings of our menu items! Thank you all for your patience while we sourced these very valuable cups. We know for many these can be a amazingly helpful in-between meal snack or an actual meal for those not able to eat a full meal. We will get these back into production and on our site as fast as we can. For those wanting to add these now, please call to see what/when they will be available! We are also planning the replacement of the rectangle divided plate for a round, our staff believes more "natural" plate. The black divided round plate will be available once we put together packaging and plate them. There will be many new meal combinations available once these come out, including Vegan and Pasta dishes. These plates will be both microwavable and into the oven if necessary. We continue to work on our Spring menu as we await the arrival of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits. We will keep you posted. Our longtime, loved Office Manager, Kharyl, has finished her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology and has accepted a position to begin her career as a Speech Pathologist. We know you were all very fond of her warmth and knowledge of our product and she will be missed by all! We wish her every success!! If you have any suggestions or feedback, remember we love to hear it. We did get suggestions to bring back the hot dog and pizza meal..working on it. Barbecue Ribs, Alfredo with Chicken Pasta are two others we have ready to heat and taste. The Pancake, Blueberry, and Egg breakfast meal is awesome and will also be available soon as will a couple new breakfast combinations. We love what we do and appreciate you as our customer! Enjoy, Sue

Published: 02/02/2019 4:26 PM