Loyal, and much-appreciated Blossom Foods home-consumers,

For the past 11 years, Blossom Foods has been extremely honored to be a part of your lives. We have loved the feedback and getting to know you and your loved-ones; it is something we truly cherish. We enjoy hearing your feedback, praise, and the ways we can improve. Serving you is what started this company. It is what drives us today, and what makes us want to serve tomorrow. Blossom Foods is growing, and the demand is straining. Direct home-consumer deliveries have been a foundational part of the company. Unfortunately, the issues involved with providing direct home-consumer deliveries have surpassed our ability to continue providing this service.

As of now, the company has come to the painful decision to temporarily stop direct home-consumer deliveries. This will begin January 1, 2020. The final shipping day for home-consumer orders will be Thursday, Dec. 19th, 2019.

We are exploring every option in an attempt to bring back this essential service in a more fluid and sustainable manner. We love serving you, and ask for your patience while we investigate options. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Published: 05/22/2019 11:48 AM