IDDSI Testing Methods

When it comes to soft textured foods, testing is essential for us to ensure we’ve reached the correct consistency!

According to IDDSI, approved food testing methods include the Fork Drip test, Spoon Tilt test, and Fork or Spoon Pressure test.

Pureed Testing Methods:

Fork Drip Test: Food should sit in a mound on a dinner fork and not drip continuously through the prongs. Spoon Tilt Test: Food must hold its shape on a spoon and when tilted, should fall off with little residue. (Tip: if it sticks to the spoon like peanut butter, you know it’s too thick!)

Minced & Moist Testing Methods:

Fork Pressure Test: Food should be mashed easily with light pressure from a fork and pieces must fit between the prongs of a dinner fork. Spoon Tilt Test: Same method as puree.

Soft & Bite-Sized Testing Methods:

Fork or Spoon Pressure Test: Push down on a piece of food with a metal fork or spoon until your thumbnail blanches white. The food should not bounce back or return to its original shape.

In addition to these tests, keep in mind you can use your visual senses too! Does the food’s appearance match the level’s description and are all food particles consistent in size throughout the entire product? The combination of visual appearance with approved testing methods will help you decipher whether or not a food is IDDSI compliant.

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Published: 03/02/2021 1:42 PM