Supply Chain and Inflation

We have all heard about, and felt, the impact of the supply chain issues and inflation. There is not a week that has gone by we have not heard from a vendor about a pricing increase. This may even be week to week with the same vendor. It's been tough to say the least and until now, we have not budged on pricing increases. That said, we will reluctantly begin to implement minimal pricing increases, the first in many years in the coming months.

We will not begin direct to consumer shipments in the near future as the cost to ship, packaging, and food proves to be excessive.

The good news is our production has not slowed down and we have not run into shortages with our packaging as we ordered initially enough to get us through 2022. Our IDDSI menu did increase in product by 10% in 2021, adding additional Vegetarian, Vegan, and breakfast items.

Our plan moving forward will be to steady the ship as they say, continue to produce our high quality, great tasting menu items, and service our customers.

Please let us know if you have any questions, would like additional information, or would like to sample. Enjoy and thank you for 2021! Sue

Published: 01/24/2022 7:45 AM