Individual Pureed Food Items are Back!!

Hello! With our move and the addition of both storage and freezer space, we are excited to announce the return of individual pureed food items! We have received many (many) requests to bring back the single serve pureed food dishes for a number of reasons. The current menu includes the 18 most requested items we have in the past 18 months, including bringing back a few dessert items. You will now be able to order either the complete pureed meals and/or the single pureed food dishes. Keep in mind that due to the difference in size and weight, we do not combine the different meals in one pack, i.e., 18 single serve items pureed have their own custom shipping container as do the 12 three compartment pureed food meals. We have also fixed the price for the case of single pureed items (18 total) to include shipping which reduces the cost. We will continue to ship two day FedEx Express with both dry ice and frozen packs. If there are items you don't see, please contact us as we will work on this pureed food menu over the next several months. Spring is around the corner so many of the items to come will include seasonal fruits and vegetables. Keep your feedback coming! Enjoy, Sue

Published: 02/19/2016 6:34 AM