Pureed Foods and Ground Textures

Hello! In over a hundred contacts to us this week, we find two fairly common questions: "Do you offer your pureed foods in other textures?" and "Can you please help with suggestions for how to make our own pureed food and pureed meals now that we are home?" With the often overwhelming task of returning home to be taken care of, let alone the caregiver, mealtime can be one of the more stressful times of the day, particularly on a pureed food diet. There are very few healthcare providers that offer follow up on the how and what to prepare in a pureed or ground texture. It may seem as easy as putting it all in the blender but the reality is, preparing enjoyable, tasty, and nutritious pureed foods can be more tedious than it seems. It can be messy, wasteful, and unappetizing in appearance. It can be extremely frustrating. One of our goals is to be a valuable resource in educating and helping with what we have learned over our 9 years. In our Monday morning meeting these two things were addressed: putting together some helpful hints to homemade pureed food and the introduction of adding our Ground texture to the online order. Pureed meals, and ground texture, may sound simple to prepare at home but usually aren't. We are committed to help and add our suggestions for pureed foods that are easier to Puree than others. We continue to experiment with various choppers and blenders for the recommendation on which work without a large investment. On a daily basis, with meat in particular, we have yet to find one we would recommend. If you have one you use, please let us know and we'd be happy to try it. We will add a page to our site in the near future for "Helpful Hints." This week we are working with crock pots and steamers that are commercially available to prepare our menu items and then puree and grind them. We will let you know what the results are. We hope to have a page on our site dedicated to being a "go to" for you. We do prepare Ground and Soft Chopped textures. The consensus here is to add a Sample Pack in the ground texture. It would be the same items as the Puree, but ground for those able to chew (masticate) a bit more texture than puree. If this is a texture we find needed more, we will than add our complete line. We will continue to work with our customers to make mealtime as enjoyable today as in the past. Please reach out to us for any ideas or advise you may have. We really appreciate the information and connecting with you. Enjoy your week! Sue

Published: 04/11/2016 7:22 AM