Sue with fresh vegetables

Our Mission Continues

With everyone back in the office and production in full force, 2024 feels like a new beginning. We are excited about our new menu items, addition of packaging styles, increased vegan and vegetarian options, and some new menu items that we will debut throughout the year. Vegan and Vegetarian menu items, along with Gluten free, have been our fastest risers. Gluten free Vegetarian Lasagna, and each of our vegetables are clean label, allergen free and gluten free. We know the sound of Vegan may not sound delicious, but when you start with fresh vegetables and limited additional ingredients, you'll change your mind quickly and enjoy the rich creamy flavors. Our greatest joy is working with healthcare professionals around the country. It's exciting to talk about flavor and variety, along with patient satisfaction with a textured diet rather than the "OG" flavors and colors of what was once thought as an only option for soft meals. Beige should be out of the soft texture description and "bright, natural, and flavorful" should replace all discussions around what soft meals are. Each of us continue to be very proud of what we serve and the lives we impact. It matters to us. Bulk packaging has seen an increase in number of items as well. Vegetables and proteins are now offered in two (2) five (5) pound pouches in each texture. Individual and complete 3 compartment meals are color coded, identify allergens, and best buy dates to make selection and picking of IDDSI levels easy for your staff. If you'd like to schedule a tasting and discuss our over 55 (yes, 55) menu options in each of the IDDSI levels 4 (pureed), 5 (Minced and Moist), and 6 (soft and bite sized) please give us a call or use our contact us button. We look forward to working with you.

Choice & Dignity in Dining

Blossom Foods offers soft-textured foods for people with swallowing disorders. Whether you are a Health Care provider on the lookout for IDDSI and NDD compliant solutions or individual consumers hoping to find soft-textured meals that actually taste good, think: Blossom Foods!

Blossom Foods + IDDSI

Blossom Foods is currently working with healthcare facilities around the country to assist in their implementations of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI).

These and other facilities are using Blossom Foods' extensive menu of Puree (Level 4), Ground (Level 5), Soft Chopped (Level 6) and Regular Texture Renal (Level 7) products to seamlessly integrate with IDDSI and ensure that their patients receive appropriate, nourishing and DELICIOUS meals..

Blossom Foods provides menu items in 3 to 4.5 ounce servings or as complete plated meals. Blossom Foods is distributed throughout the nation by US Foods and Sysco.

IDDSI food chart