Soft Textures That Taste Great

Pureed Food

Blossom Foods began in 2006 with one goal in mind: great tasting meals regardless of texture.

Those that have been diagnosed with dysphagia (The medical term for the symptom of difficulty in swallowing) are often placed on a modified texture diet. The types of texture can be puree, ground, or a chopped diet. Your physician will evaluate and prescribe the diet level or refer you to a medical professional trained in swallowing disorders and their causes, such as a Speech Pathologist.

We understand how difficult it is to understand what a modified texture diet is and how to achieve this diet level successfully. We also know the stigma of “mushy” food, we’ve heard this the past 9 years. At Blossom Foods we work very hard to make our puree, ground and chopped foods as delicious and nutritious as a regular diet. Our menu items contain no added color, no preservatives or additives. We also use as many fresh, locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meats.

To help make this easier, below are the definitions we try to follow. Keep in mind there are still inconsistencies out there in both definition and texture. A good reference is the National Dysphagia Diet or American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

Puree: No coarse textures, raw fruits or vegetables. Smooth food that requires very little oral manipulation or chewing. This diet level is typically prescribed to those with moderate to severe dysphagia.

Ground: Food that is ground to less than ¼” pieces. Typically moist with some ability to stay intact. This diet level requires better oral control and may need some chewing.

Chopped: Small, bite size pieces that require the most advanced oral ability for chewing and manipulation. Our Chopped meals are a bit larger than a ground texture to help facilitate ongoing success with increased texture.

We encourage ongoing conversations with your Physician for help and understanding.